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BL2 - Laminar shock boundary interaction : description corrected

The Reynolds number was corrected in the test case description (100 000 instead of 105)

BL3 - important change in the test case description

The expressions governing the motion of the airfoil have been changed. Please check out the renewed description.

AS1 - Update of the test case description

The deterministic initial transient time t1 has been modified to t1 = 1 and corresponding reference values for Cl and Cd have been provided.

Abstract submission for the minisymposium at Eccomas

Participants to the workshop have the option to present their work during a dedicated minisymposium (MS910) at eccomas. The abstract submission deadline is currently fixed at November 29th, 2015.

Update of the AR1 and AS1 test cases

The full test case descriptions for the AR1 (RANS of the Common Research Model) and AS1 (LES of the transitional flow around an infinite cylinder at Re=3900) have been uploaded.

Update of test case BL3 - Heaving and pitching airfoil

The description was updated and the set of triangular curved meshes (in msh format) was uploaded.


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