BS2 - LES of the plane channel flow at Ret=590

Test case leader: 
Corentin Carton de Wiart
Koen Hillewaert
corentin.cartondewiart [at]
koen.hillewaert [at]
info.hiocfd4 [at]

This test case concerns the LES of the channel flow at Reτ=590. This well-known benchmark has been intensively studied by the turbulence community. DNS and LES of the flow have been performed by numerous authors. Therefore, various quantities are available to assess the accuracy of the LES approach, such as averaged velocity and velocity fluctuations profiles and kinetic energy spectra.

Participants are expected to perform the computations for a set of structured grids which will be provided on request. Additional computations on unstructured meshes are also welcome. The assessment criteria include spatially and temporally averaged wall normal variations of the velocity and its correlations.

The participants are expected to use the meshes - structured, unstructed, and 2D extruded - provided by the test case leader in order to ensure similar grid spacing near the wall for all participants. These will be generated/provided on request as a function of the interpolation used by the discretisation method.

Features and challenges: 
Subsonic flow
Turbulent flow
Large Eddy Simulation (LES)
Full test case description: