AS2 - Spanwise periodic DNS/LES of transitional turbine cascades

Test case leader: 
Koen Hillewaert (Cenaero)
Jean-Sébastien Cagnone (Cenaero), Corentin Carton de Wiart (NASA)
koen.hillewaert [at]
jean-sebastien.cagnone [at]
info.hiocfd4 [at]

This test case concerns the spanwise periodic DNS or LES of the transitional and separated flow on the T106A and T106C subsonic turbine cascades. These are well-known test cases for assessing transition models for low Reynolds numbers. The first test case concerns the T106A at Re=60.000, while the T106C is computed at Re=80.000. As the inlet turbulence is very low, both flows feature laminar separation and transition in the reattachment zone or in the wake.

Participants should run both cases on either a suite of block-structured or unstructured hexahedral meshes, which will be generated and provided on request.


Features and challenges: 
Curved geometry
Unsteady flow
Transonic flow
Transitional flow
Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS)
Large Eddy Simulation (LES)
Full test case description: 
Meshes, geometry and data: