BI1 - Inviscid vortex transport

Test case leader: 
Doru Caraeni, CD Adapco
doru.caraeni [at]
info.hiocfd4 [at]

The test case concerns the long term transport of a vortex by a uniform base flow over a quadrangular, doubly periodic domain. This problem is aimed at testing a high-order method’s capability to preserve vorticity in an unsteady inviscid flow. Accurate transport of vortexes at all speeds (including Mach << 1) is very important for Large-Eddy and Detached-Eddy simulations, possibly the workhorse of future industrial CFD simulations, as well as for aeronautics/rotorcraft applications. 

This test case has been part of the workshop since the beginning, so participants are requested to use at least the meshes from the previous workshops.

Features and challenges: 
Unsteady flow
Subsonic flow
Inviscid flow
Full test case description: 
Results from previous editions: 
HiOCFD1(C1.6), HiOCFD2(C1.6), HiOCFD3(C1.4)
Meshes, geometry and data: