BI3 - Inviscid bow shock

Test case leader: 
Scott Murman (NASA Ames)
Scott.M.Murman [at]
info.hiocfd4 [at]

The detached bow shock upstream of a 2D simple blunt body in inviscid conditions is studied. This case is designed to isolate testing of the shock-capturing properties of schemes. This case is computationally expedient, being steady, two-dimensional, inviscid flow, with well-defined boundary conditions.

The geometry is a flat center section, with two constant radius sections top and bottom. While the flow is symmetric top and bottom, a full domain is computed to support potentially spurious behavior. The aft section of the body is not included to avoid developing an unsteady wake.  Two sets of structured meshes are provided. For finite volume type codes, straightsided meshes in CGNS are provided, whereas for finite element like methods, a series in gmsh format is provided, derefined as a function of the order of accuracy N. Participants can additionally provide results on unstructured meshes.

The assessment criteria include the conservation of total enthalpy as well as the comparison of stagnation pressure  with respect to theory.


Features and challenges: 
Curved geometry
Steady flow
Supersonic flow
Inviscid flow
Full test case description: