BL1 - Laminar Joukowski airfoil at Re=1000

Test case leader: 
Marshall Galbraith (MIT) and Carl Ollivier-Gooch (University of British Columbia)
galbramc [at]
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This test case concerns the laminar flow around a symmetric Joukowski airfoil at zero incidence. It is designed as a verification case of the viscous terms of the Navier-Stokes equations. Participants are required to use a sequence of provided grids, as they have been demonstrated to be able to provide the optimal convergence rate in drag. A low Reynolds number of 1,000 is employed to emphasise the viscous terms. For an adjoint consistent discretization, the optimal convergence rate is 2P. Otherwise, the convergence rate can be expected to be P+1.


Features and challenges: 
Curved geometry
Steady flow
Subsonic flow
Laminar flow
Full test case description: