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The HiOCFD4 newsletter keeps you up-to-date on the test cases, deadlines and practical organisation.

photo and participant list online

Thanks to Farshad for providing us with a good quality picture !

bug fix: presentations finally accessible

Due to an error in the configuration of the site, the previously announced presentations were not accessible. This error has been fixed, and a number of additional presentations have been added. We still are missing some presentations at the workshop or the minisymposium.

first batch of presentations available

A first set of presentations has been uploaded to the web site. If your presentation is missing, please contact info [dotcenaero] hiocfd4atcenaero [dotcenaero] be.

preliminary programme is available

Please check for your own contributions, affiliation, ... 

C1 - DLR F11 - Hybrid quadratic meshes available

Quadratic curved hybrid mesh (3.5e6 elements: prism, pyramids and tetrahedra) by Harlan McMorris,
CentaurSoft, can be provided in Gmsh or CGNS format upon request (ralf [dotcenaero] hartmannatdlr [dotcenaero] de).

Practical information: deadline extension and registration

The deadline for submission of computation data has been extended to May 13th, whereas workshop registration will be possible until May 20th by sending a mail to info [dotcenaero] hiocfd4atcenaero [dotcenaero] be.
 The participation fee has been restricted to 50 euros and will cover lunch and coffee breaks. This amount is to be paid when arriving at FORTH.

BI1 - Inviscid vortex transport - erratum

An error was found (and corrected) in the expression of the y-component of the velocity for the initial flow field.

BR1 - RANS of Joukowski airfoil : new test case added

A new test case, concerning RANS simulations of the Joukowski airfoil (cfr BL1) at Re=1.000.000, has been added.

BL1 - laminar Joukowski

The test case description has been updated, and new mesh generation scripts have been added.

BS2 Channel flow - test case update

The description of the test case was updated and structured and unstructured mesh generation scripts for Gmsh were provided.


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